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Strategic Plan

In June 2011, CCAF's Board of Governors adopted a three year Strategic Framework for the Foundation. The plan set out 4 high level Strategic Goals, and then identified a total of 15 Planned Results we would aim to meet by 2013-2014.


We are recognized for leadership, expertise and innovation in support of performance audit and oversight of government operations. Our products and services are widely respected, referenced and applied by auditors, legislators and other public officials in Canada and abroad.


We foster confidence in the public sector by promoting effective performance audit and oversight of government operations. To support this, we provide education, research and capacity development for public sector auditors and oversight committees, helping them to work with other public officials for accountable government.



Strategic Goal #1

Develop and maintain a centre of expertise to support the strengthening of performance audit capacity.

Planned Results 2011-14: Performance Audit

  • Deliver timely information to AGs and other performance auditors on standards and practices.
  • Develop and maintain a curriculum of performance audit training and tools based on defined competencies and client needs.
  • Deliver relevant and highly rated performance audit courses.
  • Plan & deliver learning & collaborative events for performance auditors and those they work with.

Research – as required to support the above key results

Strategic Goal #2

Support Public Accounts Committees and other instruments of oversight in scrutinizing the management of public funds. 

Planned Results 2011-14: Oversight

  • Develop workshops, courses and tools to support the strengthening of Public Accounts Committees and oversight bodies.
  • Effectively deliver this support in a manner that responds to local needs.
  • Deliver highly rated information exchange events that bring together public oversight officials from across Canada.

Research – as required to support the above key results

Strategic Goal #3

Support Canadian and international efforts to strengthen the capacity of SAIs and related parliamentary oversight in selected developing countries and regions.

Planned Results 2011-14: International Program

  • Enhance capacity and effectiveness in performance auditing of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in targeted countries.
  • Enhance leadership and capacity of Public Accounts Committees (PACs) to review SAI reports and support implementation of related recommendations.
  • Strengthen coordination, harmonization and knowledge sharing among donors, SAIs and their regional associations.

Strategic Goal #4

Attain multi-year sustainable funding, effectively respond to stakeholder needs, and continuously strengthen governance, management practices and accountability.

Planned Results 2011-14: Corporate Management & Institutional Development

  • Effectively and efficiently plan, manage, communicate and report on the operations of the Foundation.
  • Continuously strengthen the human resource base of the Foundation.
  • Continuously strengthen the financial resource base of the Foundation and monitor the environment in Canada and abroad for new opportunities.
  • Continuously strengthen management practices and controls.