International Programs
Provincial–International Twinning Partnerships

In 2007 CCAF began the pairing of a provincial Legislative Audit Institution (LAI) in Canada with a Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) in a participating developing country. Jointly the partners identify the topic in which the LAI will serve as a mentor and technical advisor.


Alberta and Vietman

British Columbia – Barbados

British Columbia and Barbados

Manitoba – Kenya

Manitoba and Kenya

New Brunswick – Tanzania

New Brunswick and Tanzania


Twinning is defined as the “transfer, adaptation, mobilization, and utilization of services, skills, knowledge, technology, and engineering to build national capacity on a sustainable basis.”

– World Bank Operational Manual


Nova Scotia – Saint Lucia

Nova Scotia and Saint Lucia

Newfoundland & Labrador – Guyana

Newfoundland & Labrador
and Guyana

Twinning relationships can include:

The twinning partnerships are launched with the visit of one Auditor General to his or her twinned counterpart. This allows partners to:

  • Meet in person
  • Observe each other's practices
  • Share experiences
  • Discuss needs and identify potential projects
During these and subsequent visits, Auditors General and senior auditors will often participate in other activities, such as:
  • Meeting with representatives from other institutions connected to the SAI
  • Attending public accounts committee sessions
  • Co-facilitating CCAF workshops
  • Provide specific and topical mentoring

In addition to visits between partners, twinning relationships require offices to communicate regularly to:

  • Provide ad hoc advice
  • Respond to sharing updates on their work and offering ongoing support and advice.

Participants in the CCAF Fellowships may, where possible, perform their ten-month placement with their country's partnered Canadian legislative audit office. Fellows placed in Ottawa with the Office of the Auditor General of Canada may also have the opportunity to visit their twinning partner's office, possibly for a short-term work placement.