International Programs
Capacity Development

CCAF takes a comprehensive and varied approach to providing capacity building support to a partnering SAI.

VFM1 – Barbados – February 2010


Governance – Benin – 2007


Forensic Audit – Tanzania – April 2009


Partner Country and Regional Workshops provide group learning opportunities addressing a variety of topics commonly requested. CCAF delivers workshops to three main audiences:

These workshops are targeted to graduates of the Fellowships and their SAIs. Sessions deal with advanced developments and techniques in areas associated with performance auditing. Attending workshops allows graduate Fellows to review and build upon what they learned in Canada and gives other senior auditors an introduction to performance audit concepts. Regional workshops create an opportunity for networking between auditors from different countries.

CCAF engages institutions such as central agencies and key government ministries in order to strengthen the relationships between them and the SAIs and to provide an increased understanding of good governance concepts and best practices.

Sessions for parliamentary / oversight bodies (i.e. public accounts committees) focus on building awareness and capacity. CCAF also brings oversight committees and SAIs together in joint workshops to discuss how they can work more effectively together and better communicate with one another.

You will find information relating to CCAF's other capacity building activities - Fellowships and Twinning - elsewhere on the site:

CCAF workshops are possible thanks to the efforts and abilities of our generous partners:

    • CCAF associates and other Canadian audit professionals co-facilitate international workshops.

    • National audit offices in the hosting countries often provide or arrange for facilities and help with logistics.

  • Graduate Fellows co-facilitate break-out group sessions during workshops.

Algonquin College is our local partner in our new long-distance education pilot project.